Robby's Lobby #87


heyhey InRockers and welcome to another edition of Robby's Lobby, the place i get to log the monthly musings of a goo goo doll who's about to get very very busy with the release of our 10th and newest album called "Magnetic" which will be available in May! We have already released a new single called "Rebel Beat" on our website and you tube and have sent the song out select radio outlets around the world !

We've been so busy this month with the preparations for the new release as well as a performance in Washington DC for President Obamas 2nd Inauguration. There were many Inauguration Celebrations in Washington DC during our stay featuring celebrities, politicians and musical artists such as Lady GaGa, Moby, Katy Perry and many others playing at events around the city. We played a Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts which is a Shakespearean Theater (which we almost shook to the ground with our PA system) that was hosting The Creative Coalition, a Not For Profit Arts and Music Lobbying group in DC. The tickets were $10,000 a pair for the event featuring food, drink, celebrities galore and a full concert by Goo Goo Dolls to finish the evening. A pretty cool event for sure, and we wish President Obama a successful 4 years of leading the United States through these trying times. I've included a picture from the show for you to see !

We're getting artwork together for the new album as well as doing some photo shoots for the newest promotional push for the band. We have 3 photo shoots with 3 different photographers scheduled in 3 days, pretty busy like I said! The first session was with an old friend of ours from Poland named Asia Geiger who we met as a makeup artist about 17 years ago and who is now a working photographer, pretty cool to see her behind the camera instead of in the makeup room, we hung out and shot in a crazy huge apartment loft in downtown LA until late into the evening.

Tomorrow we shoot with a hugely famous fashion / rock photographer named Olaf Heine (Iggy Pop, Sting, 30 Seconds to Mars) from Berlin who did a great photo shoot with us many years ago for our Gutterflower album. We contacted him again to do some photos of the band for "Magnetic" and we're looking forward to shooting more with him. But that's not all, we're not done yet, we then have another shoot booked with photographer named Chapman Baehler (Green Day, NIN, STP) the next day and at that point we will have many awesome photos for this album cycle and probably be very tired of getting our picture taken !

So we'll be busy as i mentioned, but we are very excited to be back in the groove of getting another album out for the world to hear as well as following the release with an extensive touring schedule around the world. Last album cycle was spent largely in the US and Europe, but if our recent talks with our international label partners prove to be as fruitful as we predict we will be visiting many other countries as well on the upcoming tour, and I will certainly keep you all posted here in In Rock !

OK, so my daughter Hana turned 1 year old this week, my wife Miyoko and I are taking her to Disney World to celebrate and then after a few more GGD tour rehearsals we head back to NY from LA to have her Mochi Fumi ceremony and a nice party with her US grandparents and family !

Hope all is well. . . .we're all super psyched to make our way back into a new album cycle and a new year. . . .Magnetic is coming soon !

Peace !