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ReviewJune 12, 2013Electric Feast

Goo Goo Dolls
Label:Warner Bros. Records
Released: June 11, 2013

Key Tracks: “Rebel Beat,” “More of You,” “Come to me”
Rating: 5/10

If you’re in need of new car music or a summer playlist, look no further than the newest material from the well-established Goo Goo Dolls. Their newest album Magnetic released June 11, and does not let the lot of us holding onto “Iris” memories down. The songs keep a constant high beat for those looking for ‘feel good’ and ‘on the move’ background noise. It’s all the benefits of pop music without the occasional morally questionable lyric.

Folk acoustic appreciators will enjoy “Come to Me.” The repeating beat and simple words make the cute poem set to music easy to understand (and get stuck-beware.) “More of You” and “Slow it Down” are straightforward love songs. We all know there’s a time for those. Actually, many of the bunch seem to touch on happy, summer relationships. Sleeping on the floor anyone? I’m getting visions of cabins on the lake and friends’ houses. Stars, hot nights, and late drives? Check. Skywriting? That’s awesome, but also only used as a metaphor. Every line seems to take a turn for the positive. Loneliness and worry are mentioned, but made better but a nice long cruise with a significant other. They should probably pick up City and Colour (also with a recent release,) and buy the poor dude an ice cream or something.

Mellowing it down, “BulletProofAngel” has a pleasing powerful sound. “Bringing on the Light” slows it down too before the guitar kicks in, but has another overall happy meaning. I don’t think I’ve heard a really excellent crush song in awhile: middle-schoolers take notice. I don’t care how the recipient is taking it, starting off “I hate to be a nuisance here, but I’ve been waiting half a year to say ‘you’re bringing on the light,”’ that definitely works.

Long-time fans will recognize the two bonus live recordings of “Home” and “Black Balloon.” If these don’t ring a bell, check out the originals and then check out the new tracks. The Goo Goo Dolls’ positive outlook will infect a wide variety of ages and music tastes. Try out Magnetic on a sunny afternoon. I just want you to know who they are.–AG