First Release – Goo Goo Dolls, What the Critics Say

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Release Date: 9/20/1991
Label: Metal Blade
Type: CD,CS
Genre/Styles: Hard Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

What the Critics Say

Before the Goo Goo Dolls evolved into the modern-rock superstars who would record late-'90s radio smashes, such as "Name" and "Slide," they were an energetic trio of drunken nobodies, spewing forth a mixture of relentless thrash and sloppy punk. First Release exhibits a carefree attitude and a sense of humor, but little sign of what was to come. "Livin' in a Hut," "Beat Me," and "I'm Addicted" are undeniably catchy, and the Goos' rowdy covers of "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Don't Fear the Reaper" are entertaining, but none of the material matches the efforts displayed on later releases such as Hold Me Up and Superstar Car Wash. In fact, the uninitiated may be amazed to realize that the same band who recorded a sensitive ballad such as "Iris" would be capable of writing a song entitled "Don't Beat My Ass (With a Baseball Bat)." Stylistic differences aside, this release is unique because it is the group's only album on which bassist Robby Takac handles all lead vocals. Later, as guitarist Johnny Rzeznik grew into his role as the Goo Goo Dolls' visionary, the band's songwriting and musicianship dramatically improved with each release. Still, First Release is an enjoyable introduction to a band with better days ahead. ~ Michael Frey, All Music Guide