Tuesday 21 November 1995

The Academy - New York City, NY

Goo Goo Dolls, Universal Honey, Ash


Girl Right Next To Me (Soundcheck)
Impersonality (Soundcheck)
Two Days In February (Soundcheck)
Another Second Time Around (Soundcheck)
Name (Soundcheck)
Don't Change (Soundcheck)
Naked (Soundcheck)
Introduction (Live)
Just The Way You Are (Live)
Burnin' Up (Live)
Fallin' Down (Live)
Million Miles Away (Live)
Lucky Star (Live)
String Of Lies (Live)
Impersonality (Live)
Long Way Down (Live)
Only One (Live)
Already There (Live)
Naked (Live)
Name (Live)
So Outta Line (Live)
Eyes Wide Open (Live)
Another Second Time Around (Live)
Up Yours (Live)
Stop The World (Live)
Flat Top (Live)
Two Days In February (Live)
Slave Girl (Live encore)
Don't Change (Live encore)
Girl Right Next To Me (Live encore)
Impersonality (Live encore)
Naked (Live encore)
Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Live encore)