The Goo Goo Dolls


Lead vocals
John Rzeznik
Alternative title(s)
Title revealed in the updated biography on the official website, early May 2010.

Rzeznik is less inclined to talk about the meaning behind "Soldier," which also deals with a man rejoining society. Rzeznik told a listener who was convinced it was about a G.I. returning from war: "Actually, it's not about a soldier at all. The song is a metaphor for alcoholism. Everybody has an alcoholic in their lives at some point in time, and that is what I was thinking about when I wrote the song. But there is room for interpretation. I'm not a preacher. If it means something else to you, that's cool. Actually, it's flattering that it can mean other things to other people." He didn't reveal who "Soldier" is about or whether it might be autobiographical.
Source: NYDailyNews.


When you came back
I knew you'd have a story
You need someone
To ease the pain
Of living life
You're like a soldier in the fray
Seeking shelter
From all the madness that
You've seen
Raining down

I know things change
Your world has slipped away
I know things change
But you're living
Like a soldier
Who's caught in the fray
Don't lose your faith
It's not so cold
It's not too late

When you were naive
You were so invincible
You laughed at
Anyone and anything
That ever got in your way
But now the mirror shows the change
And you don't see that
You're sinking back into the crowd
An echo fading

And I never thought I'd see
You living on your knees
A slave to some disease
That holds you captive
You can look inside of me
But the answers that you seek
And everything you need
Is all inside you


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