Hey Ya

The Goo Goo Dolls


Lead vocals
John Rzeznik
Alternative title(s)
In a Ustream.tv session on March 23, 2010, Robby told the viewers John was recording vocals for a song called "Hey Ya". He also let them hear a few short clips of John singing "Hey Ya".

In an interview Robby said: "There's a song called "Hey Ya" where we kind of went in to do some guitar work. Before you knew it, we had a drum set up; before you knew it, we were recutting pretty much everything until we had it. It grew into something that was a little different of an animal.
It was the exact opposite with Home. We were done with all the songs, and we thought we really needed another upbeat song on the record. We went in with John Fields and cut a track in two days. It sounds as fresh as the rest of the record to me. Some of those songs are a year and a half of kicking tracks around."


If I could give you all the things you've been denied
Would it change you?
Would you feel alive?
But all that's left now are these words
That I've been trying to say to you now
And together we'll get by somehow
And all you ever wanted was someone to find
The truth you hide from everyone
Deep inside

Hey ya hey ya
You're the only one I want
Hey ya hey ya

And I would drown to save you
From the sinking thoughts you feel
And I love you just the same
So don't you ever feel ashamed
'Cause we all get tired of fighting
Just to feel like we belong
And I know you feel forgotten
But I've been here all along to say
That all you ever wanted was someone to find
The truth you hide from everyone
Deep inside

And you hide yourself so deep inside
Will I ever see ever see you
Now I'm the one who's been denied
But I believe in you
Believe in you


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