Men of War

Ian Gillan


Ian Gillan
Lead vocals
John Rzeznik, Michael Lee Jackson, Steve Morse
Alternative title(s)
'Men of War' is a song that appears on Ian Gillan's 2006 album 'Gillan's Inn.' The CD featured re-recorded tracks from all eras of Ian Gillan's singing career and features many guest appearances. The album features two songs with vocals by members of the Goo Goo Dolls: track 5 'Men of War' (John Rzeznik) and track 10 'Smoke on the Water' (John Rzeznik and Robby Takac).


You fine men of war
You hearts of oak
You men of war
Which fires are you gonna stoke

Why did you deceive us
With your fine tales of glory
Did you have to deceive us
It's such a shame and a disgrace for you

Brave man of war
You hearts of oak
You men of war
How I despise you you are just smoke

Your cause is like lightning
As we spring from your clutches
The effect is quite frightening
It kills all that it touches
You were sent to teach us
Little children in white
But all you did was bleach is
Whiter than white