Westboro Baptist Church to picket Goos’ Kansas City show

NewsAugust 22, 2014The Buffalo News

The Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for its long-standing anti-gay campaign, announced its supporters intend to picket next week’s Goo Goo Dolls concert in Kansas City, Mo.

Noting that “The Goo Goo Dolls is a band formed in filthy, Buffalo, NY, where they love perversion of every kind,” the church said it will picket the Starlight Theater next Friday before the 7 p.m. show.

The picket’s purpose, according to its website, “is to warn them and their fans that they better stop lying to each other and hating on each other.”

The church, based in Topeka Kansas, also announced plans to picket Monday mornings’s funeral for Michael Brown at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.

The Goo Goo Dolls are in town tonight for a concert at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.