See the Goo Goo Dolls in Concert

Concert ReviewApril 9, 2010Bucket List Item #54

So I did it! I was able to check off another item on my ever growing bucket list! Number 54: See The Goo Goo Dolls in Concert. I want to share my amazing experience as well as some of my photos and videos I was able to shoot during the concert!
(Oh and please excuse the vocalistic stylings of myself and Miss Kacey in the background of each song, we couldn't help but sing along :) )

Since the eighth grade I had spent hours upon hours listening to The Goo Goo Dolls. Mix Cd's turned into Ipod Playlists, and as each album came out (Goo Goo Dolls, Superstar Car Wash, A Boy Named Goo, Let Love In: to name only a few), each Cd and Playlist grew steadily longer. So when I got the chance to see them on MY College's Campus, You better believe I was head over heels trying to get a Ticket, and nothing was going to stop me!

The opening act was Collective Soul. I knew only a few songs by the band, like their hits: "Run" and "The World I Know". To be honest, I thought they would just be another band filling time to get the crowd stoked solely with heart pumping drum beats, but they proved me wrong! I noticed both hits right off the bat, and others, I couldn't help but pick up the song lyrics and sing along. They even sang their best known song, "December", which had the audience cheering and up on their feet. I was pleasantly surprised with their opening act!

By 9:15, the stage was set. Guitars of White, Red, and Metallic Black were strategically placed around stage, and the lights went down. There they were, The Goo Goo Dolls ran up on stage, and I knew at that moment, this would be something I would never forget.

They started out with a crowd favorite, Stay With You. Then followed with American Girl. The energy of the band matched that of the enthusiastic, no... band obsessed fans surrounding me! Clapping, Cheering, Dancing, Feet stomping, everything was going on as the band jumped on speakers and hopped along stage to keep the energy at an all time high. Next up were two of my many favorites, Slide, and Big Machine.

They have a new album coming out in a few months, the name was not released, but three new songs were played, and fans were cheering and picking up the new lyrics fast and slow. The night went on, with greatest hits: Black Balloon, Better Days, and in an Encore performance, Let Love In and Give a Little Bit.

By far, the highlight of the show was when the stadium went dark, and Johnny Rzeznik pulled out his acoustic guitar to sing "Iris".

I had grown up with this song. It is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. He sang it perfectly, just like it had been coming through my headphones for the past 6 years since I first heard it. Almost close to tears, me and my singing buddy beside me stood and listened as the song silenced the crowd in amazement, awe, and complete admiration.

I knew, after this concert, why I had this particular band on my Bucket List. Not just because they know how to put on an INCREDIBLE show, but because I had grown up with them. The lyrics, the melodies, everything! And seeing them now, in person, brought back all those long days humming their tunes. And we all know anyone who can bring such personal euphoria in the form of music, is and will forever be, a permanent part of who we are.

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