Robby's Lobby #89


Hey hey INROCKERS, and welcome to the lobby in the mighty In Rock magazine for this month's update. I've been out on the West Coast in Los Angeles for the past month, my wife Miyoko and our baby are out here with me getting a break from the cold Buffalo, NY winter and keeping me company during our busy time of setting up a new CD with the band. The new Goo Goo Dolls CD ''Magnetic'' will be released worldwide in May and TV appearances, shows and promotional events are being set up around the globe as we ready for it's upcoming delivery!

We've been in rehearsals daily learning the songs from the new album for live performances as well as crafting a new set for the upcoming Spring leg of out ''Magnetic'' tour, we will be doing Colleges and Promotional appearances around the mainland US for 3 weeks before a BIG summer amphitheater tour co-headlining with the band Matchbox Twenty and opening act newcomer Kate Earl. There are about 50 shows on the summer run and if any of our fans in Japan are interested in taking a quick trip to the states (we are thankful to see many Japanese at our shows!) it will be a great show, and a whole night full of hit songs a great way to spend a summer night for sure. You can go to our website at and check out all of the dates for this spring and summer, weユll be making our way overseas when these shows are done and are currently looking at options to get over to Japan as well. Although I come to Japan a couple of times a year, Goo Goo Dolls have not had a proper tour in Japan for about 5 years, so I think it's time for a long overdue visit.

We spent a full day on the 20th Century Fox movie lot shooting a promotional video for the first single off ''Magnetic'' called ''Rebel Beat'' with our friend; director P.R. Brown (Slipknot, Jack White, Prince) who had done our ''Let Love In'' and ''Stay With You'' videos in 2006. It was a cool shoot, set on a New York Street in Los Angeles, a little strange that I got on a plane in New York and flew to Los Angeles to shoot a video on a street in New York, but that's definitely not the strangest thing that's happened to us during the past 26 years of being in this business. I've included a picture from the video shoot for you to check out from one of my scenes. In the days leading up to the shoot we invited fans from our ''Inner Machine'' fan club to be extras in the video, it was an exciting day for everyone and stay tuned, I think we'll have a pretty cool rock video to show you all very soon.

Coming up for us, scattered in between the aforementioned College dates, we have appearances on the Tonite Show, (which will be I believe our 15th. performance on the biggest night time show in the US) an acoustic performance in a Vineyard in Napa Valley, CA and a live internet performance on April 3rd. from the historic Troubador in Los Angeles to be broadcast live at, check out the website for more details..

OK, back to rehearsals and back to all those things that make a good band great that no-one gets to see but those involved, most of it's pretty boring anyways. Hope you have a great month and we'll talk soon !

Peace, Robby