Robby's Lobby #180

BlogAugust, 2022INROCK Magazine

Hey hey In Rockers and welcome to the lobby for this months action packed edition composed in the air on the way to another GGDS show in Mexico ! It’s been a super busy month with our new album “Chaos in Bloom” due out worldwide in August with the first single “Yeah I Like You” being released in July on Warner Records! It’s our 14th studio release since our first full length album released in 1987 on the now defunct indie label Celluloid Records.

We began with the month with a private show in the Cayman Islands and then we were whisked off to a photo shoot in New York City with photographer/director Claire Vogel who produced the “Home” music video for us a few years back. A whole bunch of setups and a ton of great pictures were the result and you’ll be seeing them over the coming months as the promotion for the new album begins. We also did our first television taping of the new album cycle in Manhattan on a morning talk show we’ve done many times over the years called Kelly and Ryan, we performed the new single and played some silly games with the hosts and guests for a show to be aired on July 4th holiday here in the US.

After a short extended stay in NYC we took a quick flight back home to Buffalo for a Music is Art Festival fundraiser (my arts / educational not for profit organization in Buffalo, NY), a late night seeing the new Lightyear film at the drive in movies with my daughter, and finally we celebrated Fathers Day with my family. My father is in his mid 80s and going strong, I admire him so much, he’s a great man. And …. as usual……. before I could even unpack from the last trip I was on another airplane headed to LA!

After landing in LA we began preparing for a new promotional music video for the first single from the album. It’s a song john wrote about the current state of celebrity and social media. The video was shot by filmmaker Keenan Oreilly done in a “metaverse” style with a cool plot twist at the end, I’ll let u guys check it out so I don't ruin the surprise, but let’s just say it’s pretty chaotic and it’s a lot of fun! While in LA John and I also did some original artwork modifications that were made into silk screen prints to be included in our VIP packages for the tour this summer.

As we continue to prepare for the upcoming tour we continue to do a few public shows, one in Maryland and one in San Diego at The San Diego County Fair, the fairs are always so much fun to do, a large cross section of ages and people make it out to these events. I feel like it’s a good generational expansion for the band as parents tend to try to turn their kids on to the music they cherish in a little more of a family friendly forum, helping out the cause by bringing up the next generation of GGDS fans, pretty cool.

We’re in Mexico today for another private event and then we will make our way back to LA for more rehearsals and further preparation and rehearsals for our 2022 trip. I look forward to seeing you all next month here in the pages of The Mighty In Rock. As I continue to travel this summer my wife Miyoko and my daughter Hana are in Japan for a couple of months, if you happen to run into them please say hi for me!

Have a great month and See you soon!