Robby's Lobby #165

BlogMarch, 2021INROCK Magazine

Hey Hey InRockers, It’s a new year and we have a new President here in the US! I remember writing to you all after the morning of the Trump Administrations victory and even though we face challenges that were never anticipated there seems to be an optimism amongst the majority of Americans that we are heading in a more positive direction as a country. In a crazy chaotic couple of months with protests and passionate groups of people raising their voices against an election process that they felt was not fair, but after exhausting review the non-partisan process of democratic elections here in the US was executed with next to no problems even through the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic.

This is obviously a very divided country as you all have seen, but my faith in people is much stronger than my faith in the power of those delivering calculated untruths and the idea of mob rule. There are certainly many, many things we as a country need to address (as do most), but the most important is that we continue speak to each other and keep lines of communication open as we try to bridge some of the social, economic and political gaps that exist in America. Good luck to President Biden and Vice President Harris as they take on all of these unique challenges of these times.

So. Let’s lighten it up a bit, I’ve been busy working on a bunch of demos here for a new GGDs recording we are planning to begin sometime this Spring. I’ll fill you all in on the scheduling details and give you all some access to the process as we move forward on this, our 13th? 14th? 15th? Album. I’ve lost track actually, but, we’ve put out a ton of records since 1986 and we are still super excited to make some more new music for all of you to enjoy, and then hopefully we will make our way out to play these new songs for some ACTUAL PEOPLE very, very soon!

I’ve also been spending some time in the studio with a couple of young musician here in Buffalo at my GCR Audio recording studios. One of the projects is a collaboration with my friend Nick Chiari, known in EDM circles as GRABBITZ, he’s done projects with some pretty impressive artists including Deadmau5, REZZ and many others, we cut a new track that we’re super excited about together and hope to have an outlet for it soon. Nick and I have also been doing some work with Cami Clune who is a finalist on the US hit television show The and also from our humble little hometown, we’re having a great time collaborating together on some different kinds of songs!

So as the Spring brings us warmer weather and the hope of new life, we move forward with an optimistic tone into the New Year, I look forward to visiting Japan soon, once the world is a little more safe for traveling abroad. Hope things have been great for all of you so far and let’s hope The Tokyo Olympics are able to happen safely and with a sense of confidence this Summer. And with that, we’ll see you all next month amongst the pages of The Mighty InRock!