Robby's Lobby #164

BlogFebruary, 2021INROCK Magazine

Heyhey Inrockers and Welcome to The Lobby and a New Year for us all …. I feel like I’m just restating the obvious by saying how strange this past year has been, but I think it goes without saying there’s a much different spin on the planet these days. Some encouraging signs for us all are appearing as we see the vaccines make their way into their individual communities around the world, beginning the process of taming this situation so we can live a more “normal” and hopefully wiser life. I look forward to interacting with my family friends and fans as we move ahead towards that ultimate goal of destroying this virus. Out goes the Rat, enter the Ox …. Happy New Year Everyone!

Goo Goo Dolls premiered our “It’s Christmas All Over” Virtual Reality show last month and it was so much fun! We did a moderated Q and A session with a Zoom chatroom full of fans, everyone asking questions and getting a chance to chime in on the always-colorful conversation. It’s always amazing to us, some of these folks we’ve been seeing every year for decades now as we toured the world and it seemed strange to go so long without connecting. It really was great to be able to see everyone even if it was through the computer screen. We did almost 3 hours of virtual meet and greets, once again, not as good as the real thing but a truly appreciated and much needed time of togetherness in such a strange year.

As we were living amongst mostly non-working bands and musicians, GGDs were releasing a holiday album that intersected with the quarantines in the US due to the pandemic. People were stuck in their houses and subsequently in front of their tv sets and devices. The holiday season is a big television watching time here in the US to begin with and we were lucky enough to be involved in The Macy’s Day Parade and The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, which are 2 of the biggest mainstream television events in our country. We also were asked to do 2 national New Years Eve programs as well, we wi; be performing on both CNN and NBC’s NYE programs as well as ABC in our hometown of Buffalo, NY …. So with everyone stuck at home we appreciate that we were able to be a small part of people’s holidays and maybe brightened them up a bit!

I’ll be doing my own live stream in a few days, It’s called “Robby Clause’s Streaming on the Web Sing Along Thing” … an acoustic romp through some Christmas classics, goo songs and some other goofy stuff I put together for Xmas, all streamed from the comfort of my back bedroom! I’m super excited as my wife and daughter will be performing “Silent Night” on bells with me, we should probably practice more, it’ll be done by the time you guys read this …. I’ll let u know how it went!

OK, that does it for me this month… OH!.... HEY! We’ll have a new President here in the US when you’re reading this as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially move their administration into The White House. It’s so exciting to see the country’s leadership takes on a notably different tone as we head out of this crazy time we’ve been living through. It will be great to travel and gather gain, I really hope to visit Japan soon as the quarantines begin to lift and our world becomes a safer place … it’s been way too long …….wear a mask, get the shots when u can …. and we’ll see you soon in the pages of the Mighty In Rock !!!!