Robby's Lobby #162

BlogDecember, 2020INROCK Magazine

Hey Hey In Rockers, It’s well into the Fall season already, I can’t believe how quickly this unbelievably strange year has been passing by. The late year vibe has been amplified for the Goo Goo Dolls camp as we continue to work on an interactive Christmas Special to be released for the holidays this year called “Goo Goo Dolls ? Christmas All Over”. This is the first time the entire band has been together since the pandemic began and we are shooting numerous other appearances to be aired over the next few months on networks and web outlets around the world!

The first video released from the Xmas album is a song John wrote called “This is Christmas” folded into another music video for the traditional classic “Let it Snow”. We shot the MV with director Raul Gonzo (who’s done videos for bands such as Pierce The Veil and All Time Low. After a series of Covid checks and with some pretty intense safety measures in place we made our way to Northern California to make a “classic” style Christmas program in front of a roaring fire complete with miniature snow scenes, martini glasses and a beautifully decorated tree. The full album Christmas All Over is being released for the holidays and we hope we get to spend a little bit of that special holiday time with you all this year.

We’re also preparing for a live stream Virtual Rock Show, which will be our first full show performed since the lockdown in March. Although it’s an online event with no in person audience, it will feel great to be able to play an entire set again with the whole band. It’s been fun and challenging doing acoustic live streams from our homes, but I think it’s about time for a real rock and roll show! This is going to be a crazy cool event; it’s being produced by a new media company called Fantracks who merges video game technology and music video technology to present a live concert experience for subscribers. We’ll be surrounded by a 180-degree high-resolution video screen in the studio and many, many new technologies that allow you to experience the show in a variety of ways. It includes numerous camera angles, a green room, exclusive merchandise and more.

Our meet and greets for these Virtual events are going to be done on ZOOM video conferencing, it’s probably going to be kind of strange as we’ve been meeting fans in person for decades, but I’m glad we’ll be able to make some connections again and begin to heal this crazy social gap that’s been forced upon us. The Fantracks folks are also doing the Christmas special with the same sort of new, cutting edge technologies, I really am excited to see what they have in store for all of us and since at the time of printing the Virtual Rock Show will have already happened, I hope you all had a chance to check out some of the show! Check out for more information on all of this stuff!

Well … by the time you read this we will have decided who the President will be here in the US, it’s been a tough time for everyone worldwide through this pandemic, but here we have some pretty politically divided people who’s opinions have been amplified by the US government’s pandemic response. I hope we have a great turnout for the election and I hope love and human compassion wins the race.

Ok! Enjoy the Fall, stay safe, wear a mask and I hope to spend a little bit of time with you all next month here in the pages of the Mighty In Rock!

Peace ….