Robby's Lobby #159


Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to another edition of Robby’s Lobby here in the pages of the mighty In Rock, we’ve been getting together for well over a decade now as I do my best to fill you in on the world from the perspective of a lone Goo Goo Doll in a pretty insane world.

The Black Lives Matter movement made it’s way big time into the American psyche first and then the world took notice after the police beating death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN. It was a pretty tense time as tempers flared and the ugly truth was spoken, but it was also a truly inspirational time here in the US. The frustrations of years of systematic racism and inequality boiled over after nearly 3 months of isolation during the Covid19 pandemic, joblessness and calls for reform of the policing policies in America. There were peaceful protests, but there were also not so peaceful events which ended in violence, but they were all spawned to raise the awareness of the daily problems faced by Blacks here in America that are often overlooked by the majority of people here. It’s a really tough but super necessary moment for our citizens and the world … I’m hoping for the best as always.

The Coronavirus pandemic is still a growing issue in many states here, although in New York State (where my family lives) it’s doing much better than it had been as far as spread and infection is concerned. The Summer weather is making it tough for people to stay socially distant and many people’s emotions are crying out for some personal interaction, once again we hope for the best and do all we can to try do our parts individually to help the efforts of the community.

All of this staying at home has made me begin to have to work from home a ton in a little home studio, you see for the last 10 years living in Buffalo where my recording facility (GCR Audio) is located I hadn’t had a need for a studio in my home. But this social distancing / isolation policy we have been living under for the last couple of months has given me a reason to begin working in the house, and I must admit I’m enjoying having a studio in my residence again and have been building it up for the last few weeks to be a real room to work out of. I’ve included a few pictures so you can check it out, also notice the Good Charamel Records current stock to the left of the gear, lots of cool Japanese rock waiting to be shipped to you today from your pals at (and that’s a called a shameless sales pitch).

Goo Goo Dolls will be releasing a super deluxe version of our Miracle Pill album with a few new unreleased tracks to enjoy, right in time for the Summer tour that has unfortunately been cancelled til 2021 along with the rest of the entertainment industry. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s for the best of everyone. Unfortunately Lifehouse won’t be joining us for the run in 2021 due to other obligations, but we’ll be finding another exciting band to share the stage with next Summer. We’ve also released a series of Live at Home videos you can chec out at our social media feeds, pretty cool for a bunch of quarantined dudes …..

OK, that’s it for this month, wish I had more for you but it’s been an interestingly and chaotically quiet time for most of us lately ….. and I know we’ll be catching up again soon here at The Lobby …. All the best BLM ……

Peace ….