Robby's Lobby #132


Hey Hey In Rockers and thanks so much for taking a few second to check up on stuff here at The Lobby! If you’re a first timer here, I’m Robby from the band Goo Goo Dolls, we’ve just finished a 47 city tour of the US and, well, I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for a little break. It was a really great tour, winding around the US for almost 3 months with opener Phillip Phillips on what we called “The Long Way Home Summer Tour” promoting our newest EP “You Should Be Happy” and the single from that release “Use Me”. The US Summer tours always have their highlights, like The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Jones Beach in NY and of course our hometown show in Buffalo which is always a high point.

As the tour made it’s way around the country there was a huge Hurricane in Houston which flooded the city leaving tens of thousands of people stranded and without places to live. We had a show scheduled in Houston for 10 days after the Hurricane hit, of course we were assuming the show would be cancelled because of the devastation. But just as they were about to make the announcement of the cancellation The Mayor of Houston contacted our agents to ask them to please have the show. He explained they needed to get things moving again in the areas that were able to return to some sort of normal life. They needed to begin having sporting events and concerts to help in slowly beginning to rebuild the economy after the floods.

We agreed to proceed with the show and set up a fund from sales from the evening to be donated to the relief efforts as well as collecting canned goods and non perishable for concert ticket vouchers. We also gave 1000 tickets to first responders and people from the surrounding shelters to get a night away from the intensity of the relief efforts. It will be a long time before things are actually back to normal in Houston, but we are glad we were able to help just a little bit and be a part of getting thing back on track after such a horrible event.

During the GGDS Summer tour Tokyo’s Pinky Doodle Poodle joined us on a second stage for 2 shows as part of their extensive 45 city 2017 US Tour. They also came to play at The Music is Art Festival, (for those of you not familiar you can check out for more info) it’s a 15 stage music/art festival in Buffalo, NY I’ve been organizing for 15 years now and a huge part of my year. It was a great event with over 20,000 attendees and hundreds of artists including performances from Hokkaido EDM artist Qrion and indie rockers The Molice from Tokyo as well! The Molice is currently at my studio in Buffalo, GCR Audio, working with me on their 7th release due out next year on my Good Charamel Records label to follow up last month’s release of their EP “Signs” also recorded here in Buffalo. They just finished a short tour of the Northeastern US before returning to the studio.

A little bit of time here at home, a few gigs a month, a couple production projects and some writing for the next GGDS release lay ahead of me over the next few months, but more importantly some much needed time w/ my family (and some time in the same place for a little while won’t be bad either)! I hope you all have a great month and check in next month; I know there will be all sorts of things to tell you about!