Robby's Lobby #116


Hey Hey INROCKERS and Welcome to another edition of The Lobby. It's getting colder here in Buffalo the leaves are all gone from the trees, the hats and scarves have come out and we've even seeing a little ice on the pavement. Soon the holidays will be upon us, and I'll be making another trip to Japan. but more on that later.

I just returned from a long month of recording and shows with my band here in the US. We spent a couple of weeks in Los Angeles working with producers Drew Pearson (Katy Perry, Keisha) and John Shanks (Bon Jovi, Van Halen) working on some songs for the new GGDS album due out in 2016. We also did a couple of shows in San Jose and the Coachella Valley in California. We only do a few shows a month while we are working on the new record so I really enjoy playing these shows during the non-touring times.

I came home to Buffalo from California for a few days and headed right out again this time to New York City and some recording time with Greg Wattenberg (Phil Phillips, Train) at Quad Studios in Times Square. I went a few days early and took my family with me to enjoy the city (including some Yakiniku at Gyu Kaku) while I worked. We went to Bryant Park and watched the Ice Skaters, enjoyed some Hot Chocolate and shopped in the holiday markets with our daughter Hana; fall and the time leading up to the Christmas season is a great time to be in NYC.

Most of my time there was spent working on 2 of my songs for the new record, Gregg's a blast to work with and the energy of being 12 stories above Time's Square looking down on the craziness beneath you as you create is a very special feeling. I also worked on 3 of Johnny's songs while we were there; it seems like in the past few months we have been pretty productive and are very, very close to having an album done!

While we were recording the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris occurred and NYC was on high alert, so it was a very tense time to be in Manhattan, but despite threats broadcast by the terror groups, we, like and the rest of the city moved on with our lives. It's so sad that we have to worry about these types of things, but I think it is very important that we move on and continue to be productive and creative even during times like these.

As I mentioned I'll be headed to Japan later this month to visit family in Tokyo and for the first time travel to Kobe to explore and see a Christmas show featuring my friend Jason Hancock . We'll also be seeing our favorite people and places while we're in Japan visiting, and I'll fill you all in on our adventures in the next edition of INROCK !!!!!

Thanks for visiting and have a great month. Here come the Holidays !!!!!