Robby's Lobby #109


Heyhey InRockers and Welcome once again to The Lobby, our monthly chance to get together and catch up on things happening in my orbit. I've been here in Buffalo for most of the month, it's been so cold here, with temperatures as low as -25C and snow falling pretty much daily it's like a frigid scene from my daughters FROZEN movie ever time we leave the house. When you live in a place like Buffalo you end up doing what you can during the winter to keep your spirits up, our winter includes a trip to Disney World in Florida with my family as a crutch to help us through the icy months this year. Although standing in line with a bunch of sugared up kids for an hour at each attraction is not so appealing on the surface, doing it in the Florida sunshine and warmth makes it seem like a great thing to do. I've included a photo of myself in front of a mountain of plowed snow so you can get the idea it's icy, it's cold, it's insane, but it's home.

Hey! We've got a pretty cool surprise for Japanese GGDS fans here at InRock, last year during one of my trips to Japan as I was working on my poor at best Japanese skills, I thought it might be fun to do a Japanese language version of one of my songs from our latest GGDS album called Magnetic. The readers at InRock have been so great to me over the years I thought It would be a nice gift for my Japanese friends and fans to hear me try my hand at singing in Japanese. My wife Miyoko and I went through the song and she helped me pen a Japanese version of the lyrics, I then returned to my studio in NY and recorded a new version of Bringing On The Light to share with all of you. I uploaded it to YouTube this month for all of you to hear, and please, let me know what you think in the comments! The link to the video is at and I'm super excited for all of you to hear it!

Goo Goo Dolls did a benefit show in Boston this month with the hip hop / reggae singer Shaggy opening the show, it was a benefit for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America which is a group that provides mentors and adult role models for kids in need of some direction in their lives. The show was at the new House of Blues in Boston, the shows at HOB are always amazing, they really know how to make a rock show happen. I also took a trip to Los Angeles this month to get things in order for a new GGDS album and touring cycle as we get closer to entering the studio to record our 11th studio album later this year. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we have been to have the privilege of releasing music for almost 29 years now, most of our peers from our early days have moved on with their lives (some by choice, some by popular demand or lack thereof) over the past couple of decades but because of our amazing fan base and the support of our friends, industry relationships and family we have been able to keep the GGDS legacy pretty powerful throughout our career!

OK, that's it for this month, I am planning another trip to Japan in March and as always, I'll be taking the readers at InRock along with me on my adventures! I hope you all have a great month and don't forget check out my maiden voyage into Japanese language singing made especially for my friends at InRock!