Robby's Lobby #104


Welcome to Robby's Lobby and the continuing saga of life as a Goo Goo Doll, father, curry lover and fan of Japanese culture and music! Things are going well for the band out here on our 2014 North American Tour. Before we began the tour I got to spend some time at home with our daughter, Hana, my wife, and my family, it was awesome, but it never seems to last long enough. But enough of the complaining, we're doing some pretty cool stuff this summer and I'm glad to get to tell you about it!

We then set off to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to perform after a Pirates baseball game to a stadium full of 35,000 baseball fans (a little larger, well, a lot larger than our normal attendance). We have done these sorts of shows before and it's a great opportunity to get in front of some new people and make some fans that may not have ever had a chance to see the band! They let about 500 fanclub members out on the field to rock out with the band and we after the game we were fortunate enough to have a photo taken with Major League Baseball star outfielder Andrew McCutchen.

The band then headed to full production rehearsals for our latest Summer tour of the US and Canada with Daughtry and The Plain White T's. We have a new stage set and new video and lights to be programmed as well as some new songs to review and program that have been added for the summer set. Johnny (our singer) did a day of satellite press with Chris Daughtry and we headed to the first show not far from the rehearsal facility in Connecticut.

If you don't happen to be familiar with who Chris Daughtry is, he was a finalist on the Television show ''American Idol'' and has gone on to have a super successful hard rock radio career here in the US. And the Plain White T's have made many trips to Japan so I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of them and know some of their music. We're about 5 shows into a tour, which will see 52 stops before we finish up this leg in September. So far we've seen great crowds, great weather and are looking forward to the next few months of rock with these 2 fine bands!

My Good Charamel Records label continues our goal of spreading Japanese Rock music in the USA! Tokyo's Pinky Doodle Poodle just arrived here to work on their second album as well as performing at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco.

And, we are also busy preparing for Shonen Knife tour, 33 shows here in N. America in fall to support their latest ''Overdrive'' album released on GC here in April. The band has just finished an extensive European tour and will be touring in Japan and India as well this year.

It was great catching up with you and stay tuned next month, I'll keep you filled in as we start going at it hard out here on the Summer tour. We're playing in Florida tonight, a show in Alabama after that, and well that's all I really need to know for now ノ and here we go !

Thanks for checking in and let's do this again huh ?

Peace !