Q Magazine

ReviewSeptember, 2010Unknown source

There's a big music magazine published over here every month called Q

They have a 'top 50 essential tracks to download this month' every issue, and Notbroken is at number 21...."The AOR Americans' attempt at grabbing European attention is a long, winding and fiercely delivered tale loosely influenced by an injured US soldier."

And they also reviewed the album, gave it 3 stars out of 5 saying:

"Ninth from big-in-America, tiny-elsewhere rockers.

After almost a quarter of a century, Goo Goo Dolls' fortunes are waning at home and, rather unfairly, they never did crack Europe. The much-delayed Something For The Rest Of Us is par for the course for the US Stereophonics: John Rzeznik's impassioned, grizzled vocals; huge production and tub-thumping emotions. Even so, the stentorian centrepiece Notbroken suggests they can still pack a mighty punch. It's all terribly overwrought ("My words are choked and full of tears," growls Rzeznik on Still Your Song) and a tad meat'n'potatoes, but there's enough here to satisfy the faithful, if nothing to enlist new recruits."