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Concert ReviewMarch 8, 2010Unknown source

Matthew Souva
Issue date: 3/8/10 Section: Entertainment

In honor of their upcoming SpringFest performance, here is a review of a Goo Goo Dolls concert from 2008. The article originally ran on September 8, 2008 under the title "The Goo Goo Dolls Concert".

With some advance planning, I joined a group last Friday as we tried to hold on to the last bits of real summer. Our goal was to put schoolwork to the back of our minds, enjoy the Great New York State Fair, and see a show from an appreciated band. The day spent at the Fair was decidedly excellent (with Dinosaur BBQ, the butter sculpture, and, of course, the animals), and the weather was perfect. But the real highlight for many in the group was the show.

Unfortunately, things started on a slightly low note, as opener Gavin DeGraw proved to be derivative pop. Every song sounded entirely the same - not a good way to attract new fans. However, after his collection of screaming fans subsided, the real show began.

The Goo Goo Dolls quickly made their presence known, offering loud and enjoyable versions of their popular hits. Modern radio staples like "Name" and "Broadway" came to life as the Buffalo-based group remained faithful to the spirit of these songs. The sound balance was quite good, allowing proper rock "oomph" without the deafening effects offered by other bands. "Iris" was truly the highlight here, as the crowd enthusiastically joined in the chorus, filling the air with singing.

Two elements of the show managed to put a damper on my enjoyment. First, "other" singer Robby Takac managed to find the microphone a few times - a very bad choice. Also, the band ended with a version of Tom Petty's "American Girl." It worked, but was sorely lacking in the band's originality.

Thankfully, the show was still great, as excellent music and wonderful weather granted all in attendance a fun day at the Fair, and a memorable finish with the Goo Goo Dolls.