Goo Goo Dolls Take Over The Charter One Pavilion

Concert ReviewJuly 16, 2011The Dead Hub

Goo Goo Dolls just released Something For The Rest Of Us on Warner Brothers Records and on tour with Michelle Branch and Parachute.  They also have a song on the Transformers soundtrack, “All That You Are.” The trio are very successful with songs on soundtracks. Lets take you back to “Iris” on The City of Angels soundtrack. Can you say hit?

The Charter One Pavilion site just blocks from Chicago’s Field Museum and right up to the shores of Lake Michigan.  The Pavilion’s location adds the extra touch to what was nothing but a stellar show even with high humidity that left everyone coated in sweat.  Goo Goo Dolls delivers nothing but rock and roll music with a rock and roll stage show to boot. It wasn’t long into the set when they pulled out “Slide“.  The also launched black balloons into the crowd for their hit “Black Balloon” making the front of the crowd distracted and happy.

Many left their seats at the Pavilion and headed up to the front of the stage. The band started into a song and it was moments later the  band stopped and John asked the crowd of fans, “Does anyone know this one?” I don’t think many knew the song judging by the reaction of the fans.  The song was “Cuz You’re Gone.” Their set also included one of their biggest hits “Name“,  ”January Friend,” and the first single off their last EP Waiting For The Rest Of It, “Home“.

For those those who need to catch up with John Rzeznik,  Amy Harris talked to John Rzeznik recently about the bands future, their current tour with Michelle Branch, and moving back to the East Coast.

For those fans who need some more Goo they are releasing a Live EP tomorrow, Live From SOHO.