A Moment with the Goo Goo Dolls

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The band formed in Buffalo, NY in 1986 and they are still going just as strong now as back then. They have been together as a band longer than most, over twenty years now. They all currently live in Los Angeles, when not on tour, but they enjoy working in Buffalo where they got their start. As a matter of fact, they are in the process of building their own recording studio in Buffalo right now. When the tour is over and they have relaxed a little, it is right back to work in their new studio.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Robby Takac, bassist and vocalist of the Goo Goo Dolls. Here is how the interview went.

MV: How is it touring non stop for such a long time?

RT: It is different now than it was before. We spent the first seven or eight years of our career just trying to learn how to be a band. The record industry has changed so drastically in recent years. It used to be about promoting your album but now it seems to be more about fiscal realities. We have a great crew of about thirty people that make touring easier.

MV: After seven albums, how did you find the inspiration to write the eighth album?

RT: Everyday is a new adventure.

MV: Every time I hear the song "Better Days" I think about how it relates to my life. Do you hear that a lot?

RT: Yes, I do hear that. John wrote that song. You only have about 15 lines to sum up a song idea. He is good at summing things up in 15-16 lines. It was meant to be a Christmas song for a compilation record. Then CNN picked it up for Katrina relief. The listener tends to fill in the holes of the song to relate more to them. It really hit home with the people that suffered through Katrina.

MV: How did it make you feel to hear "Better Days" being played on CNN for Katrina relief?

RT: It was great to see how the song just fit the situation.

MV: How is this album different than past ones?

RT: This one is a little different. We spent six months in the Old Masonic Temple in Buffalo, NY just working ten hours a day playing music and listening to music. This project really set us up nicely for moving on. We will try something new again with the next album.

MV: How did the tour with Lighthouse come about?

RT: We have toured with them in the past in Australia. We didn't get the chance to do anything with them in the states until now though. We became friends and kept in touch and then this opportunity came up to tour with them. It has been great.

MV: Tell me about USA Harvest.

RT: USA Harvest is a program that we do at all of our concerts. We have been involved in this program for seven years now. There are bins placed just outside of the arena where you can drop off cans of food and non perishable items. These items get distributed in your own area which is the great part about it. We encourage everyone that is coming to our shows to bring at least one or two cans of food.

MV: Well thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. I will be at your show and I am looking forward to it.

RT: Thank you very much for your support and for helping to promote our show.

The show has come and gone and it was a great one. The crowd was of all ages. I saw a few toddlers there as well as a few folks in their 70's or so. It was a fast moving show. Colbie Caillat opened up first, then Lifehouse. They were both fabulous acts. The Goo Goo Dolls entertained for about an hour and a half. They sang all their hits and many newer songs. They have been on tour since early in the year and won't be stopping until sometime in September. What energy!!! It was a great show full of action and great songs!!